Our Mission

Designing and implementing a properly functioning speech-based soundmasking system (SMS) in a secure work space is no easy task. Clients often worry about the architect’s experience in secure facility design, regulatory requirements, specifications, contractor experience, technology, secrecy, construction standards, building codes, industry regulations, sub-contractors, and county inspectors. All of these factors can have a significant impact on the quality and final certification of a secure workspace.

It is essential to have an experienced acoustics and security practitioner who can guide the entire process of selecting, designing, installing, and commissioning a properly functioning speech-based SMS solution. We have installed our technology in many of the most secure spaces on earth and have trained literally hundreds of U.S. Government personnel on the theory of proper soundmasking techniques for SCIF applications.

Our mission is your mission — to keep your secrets safe and ensure all personnel have a baseline expectation of privacy in the room they speak in. We have the technology and experience to provide a leading-edge, speech-based SMS solution.