Modular Speech-Masking Lineup

The SpeechMask® generator combines superior signal processing, best-in-class digital amplifier technology and more to create the world's first speech-masking generator targeted at voice privacy. Learn more.

How Acoustically Secure is Your Space?

You should be able to speak securely. With SpeechMask®, you can discuss potentially sensitive, secure or classified topics inside the room, and passersby and potential threats outside the room won’t be able to overhear your conversations. Learn more.

Full Suite for Complete Coverage

SpeechMasking is your one-stop destination for everything you need to secure your space, from the advanced SpeechMask® generator to the versatile collection of emitters and accessories. Learn more.

Our Mission

Our mission is your mission — to keep your secrets safe and ensure all personnel have a baseline expectation of privacy in the room they speak in. We have the technology and experience to provide a leading-edge, speech-based SMS solution.

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Superior Hardware

The SpeechMask® product line is purpose-built to help protect against audio eavesdropping at all levels — federal, state and corporate sectors — providing a complete envelope of audio protection for both fixed-facility and portable travel requirements.

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Why Speech Masking?

For secure voice privacy applications, masking the human voice with white or pink noise has proven to be inferior. True privacy requires audio masking that matches the qualities of human voice, and our SpeechMask® technology does just that.

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Focus on Privacy

We focus solely on speech privacy and the creation of a secure space to hold sensitive, classified and/or private conversations. You deserve to speak freely in your own office, knowing that your conversation will remain confidential.

Protect Your Space
Doors are typically secured with SpeechMask® emitters placed directly on the frame and around the door to provide a uniform audio mask at the door.
Emitters are placed at specific intervals to provide uniform protection along the length of all perimeter walls using the Stud-Mount Emitter Bracket.
Emitters can be placed on the window frame or on the window itself to provide a countermeasure to laser microphone and remote laser eavesdropping devices.
All ducts and housings which pass through perimeter walls must be acoustically protected to ensure speech does not transfer outside of the secure space.
All pipes and conduit which enter or egress any secure space can potentially transfer audio outside of the room and should be treated with speech masking.
Filling the open space under a raised floor with SpeechMask® energy from the custom volumetric speaker reduces the possibility of audio compromise.
Open spaces above the drop ceiling are an acoustical vulnerability. Properly spaced volumetric speakers aiming outward are necessary to ensure privacy.