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The products listed on this page are not ITAR-restricted; they are categorized as EAR99. Certain export restrictions apply.

Fixed Installation Generators

We've built custom speech masking products and solution for the federal government, corporate clients, and government contractors. We are recognized as an industry partner for numerous federal agencies. We have the knowledge, products, and experience to turn SCIFs, corporate conference rooms, and offices into some of the most acoustically secure spaces on the planet.

SpeechMask® and M2 Generator, 8-Channel Fixed Installation

The all-in-one SpeechMask® generator unit combines superior signal processing, best-in-class digital amplifier technology, and N-channel signal processing to create the world’s first speech-masking generator targeted at voice privacy. This modular system can be expanded to 40 units per master, driving 320 emitters per master — with multiple masters, this modular system can accommodate spaces of any size.

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Travel Generators

Our travel generators are specifically designed with portability and ease of setup and use in mind, while retaining all the leading-edge technology and features found in the fixed installation models. The travel systems are perfect for any scenario, large or small.

SpeechMask® and M2 Travel System, 8-Channel

With all the powerful features of the fixed installation generators, this compact travel system can drive up to eight emitters. Kit includes everything you need — generator, emitters and wiring, all in a convenient travel case.

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SpeechMask® and M2 Travel System, 24-Channel

With all the powerful features of the fixed installation generators, this compact travel system can drive up to 24 emitters. Kit includes everything you need — generator, emitters and wiring, all in a convenient travel case.

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Other Generators

Voice-Masking Generator

The newly redesigned VMG-2 is a portable, direct-field, multilayered speech generator designed to enhance speech privacy in fixed or mobile locations. The unit is designed for single-point, “at the perimeter” acoustical security for sensitive conversations spoken inside a room. Built for a variety of applications, the VMG-2 is perfect for addressing single-point vulnerabilities associated with flanking path vulnerabilities often found in hotel rooms, typical office spaces, and similar locations not otherwise designed to protect speech.



Volumetric Speaker

Suitable for drop ceiling spaces, plenum spaces, and raised floors, the volumetric speaker emits an appropriate level of sound into open areas to effectively mask speech for TSCM applications.


Heavy Emitter Contact Speaker

Suitable for walls, ducts, sub-floor, doors, ceilings, and pipes, the heavy emitter can be installed in various configurations. Used in conjunction with the stud-mounting bracket, it is perfect for building in to new construction or retrofitting existing construction.


Drywall Speaker

The drywall speaker has a self-adhesive backing for use in fixed installations. It can be temporarily secured to a wall for use with travel systems by using drywall-safe adhesive tape (not included).



Plenum-Rated Speaker Cable, 18/2

This plenum in-wall speaker wire has a low-smoke, flame-retardant jacket and meets specific requirements by most state fire marshal codes. Perfect speaker wire for installation in ducts, plenums, and other spaces used as environmental air returns. 1000 ft per box. Two- and eight-conductor cables available.



Rack-Mount Kit for SpeechMask® and M2

The rack-mount kit is a 1U shelf that accommodates up to three eight-channel fixed installation devices.


Stud-Mounting Bracket for Heavy Emitter

The stud-mounting bracket installs across two studs. A heavy emitter (not included) seats in the bracket against the drywall to ensure direct contact for best performance.


Field Testing Tools

Countermeasures Amplifier

The exceptional performance of Intelligent Devices’ Digital Signal Processing and Speech Extraction is now available in this ultimate audio amplifier. CMA’s functions extend far beyond that of just a simple analog high-gain audio. Its touch-screen interface is easy to use, and its automatic monitoring and adjustments optimize performance and enhance user experience.



The Field STC Measurement kit tests the STC rating of a room, wall, or window. The lightweight system employs a wizard-based guidance system evaluating the STC rating for the barrier under test.


SCIF Construction


SCIFpanel is a revolutionary wall design system that allows for the rapid build-out and deployment of Sensitive Compartmented Information Facilities (SCIF) structures to just about any location a SCIF can be deployed.


PED Vaults

PED Vaults

Our Personal Electronic Devices (PED) Vaults prevent PEDs and cell phones from being exploited by technical surveillance equipment by acting as an RF and acoustic container.