Why Speech Masking?

It has been said that the best place to hide a leaf is in the forest, and presumably the best place to hide a voice is among other voices.

—G. A. Miller (1947), “The Masking of Speech”

Millions of private or confidential conversations occur every day. The desire and reasons to speak in private are more relevant today than ever. That's why ensuring your private conversation remains private is our only job. We focus on perimeter acoustical security and voice privacy so you don’t have to.

We’ve built custom speechmasking products and solutions for the Federal government, corporate clients, and government contractors. We are recognized as an industry partner by numerous Federal agencies. We have the knowledge, products, and experience to turn SCIFs, corporate conference rooms, and offices into some of the most acoustically secure spaces on the planet.

When you speak inside an office, conference room, or a SCIF built to a targeted STC rating or privacy index, you have an expectation that anything said inside your office will not be understood outside of your office by someone standing near your door. What if someone leans up against the wall outside your office and presses their ear against your wall? Can they hear what you are saying inside the room? Normally, STC-rated walls and doors are part of the solution to ensure speech privacy. But what happens after the STC-rated door is closed? Can you stand in the hallway and plainly hear the conversation occurring inside the room through the cracks and gaps around the door? What if your STC rated walls don’t pass testing? In simple terms, you have a real acoustical security problem. If a conversation held inside a room is fully or partially intelligible by someone listening from the outside of the room, you do not have a secure working environment.

Secure your working environment